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Now it appears that videos do not play well.  Please go to, select “watch,” on upper left and then select “5-minute videos.”  You will need to scan their list of videos on the bottom for the titles with three *** noted below.  I promise that you will get distracted watching others.  They are all GREAT!!!  Unfortunately, the speakers are defaulted off.  You will need to select the PragerU speaker icon to remove the X to hear them. Again, it didn’t use to be so difficult to play these politically incorrect videos.

Must See Online Full-Length Videos:

(Be sure to click on the red stuff to watch)

John Stossel’s ‘Stupid in America – ABC News 20/20 documentary.  You can still buy the DVD from ABC News or Amazon.

Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Full Movie)

The Death of Truth by Dennis Prager & Ravi Zacharias

Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids    (***)

(It’s becoming more  tricky to show these video.  You may need to enable the speaker by selecting it to remove the X)

Scientific Evidence for God:

A) Unlocking the Mystery of Life

B) The Privileged Planet 

C) Does Science Argue for or Against God?   (***)

D) God & Suffering   (***)

E) Revolutionary: Michael Behe & The Mystery of Molecular Machines 

(Or ….  You can also go to

Must See Short Video Links:

Why Good Teachers Want School Choice   (***)

(See Samuel L. Blumenfeld’s book – NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education, for the scary details.)

Teacher Unions vs. Students


(See John E. Chubb and Terry M. Moe’s book: Politics, Markets & America’s Schools for the facts supporting the 5 minute “Teacher Unions vs. Students” video above.)

Lessons in Competition for School Choice:
Will School Choice inclusive of private schools out perform government-controlled public schools?  The answer to that question is equivalent to the answer: Why Is America So Rich?   (***)

John Stossel & Betsy Devos – Why Not School Choice?

How Private Schools Are Serving the Poorest

Why I Left the Left   (***)

Bishop E.W. Jackson’s message to black Christians
Remember: William Bennett (President Reagan’s Education Secretary) – “The National Education Association ‘bankrolls’ the Democratic Party

IndoctriNation – Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America 

The Least Free Place in America   (***)

Dr. Ravi Zacharias on How Did We Get Here?
Note: Sacred Rebellion quotes many other warning voices we have ignored. (Sacred Rebellion may take a minute to download.  Please wait even though you see “Done.”) School Choice will enable the foundation for morality by including the evidence for God in our schools without forcing religion on everyone.  Without School Choice, the humanists continue to force their godless religion/philosophy – humanism on everyone else.

Ben Stein’s “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed”  (Movie advertisement here, but complete documentary is available for free above.)

Who Killed the Liberal Arts?   (***)   (This shows how youth are programmed in “Progressive” political thinking at the expense of Liberal Arts.  And this is where we got our K-12th grade + college teachers.)

Popular School Choice DVDs:

Bob Bowdon’s The Cartel must be shared with all your family and friends!    See also his website:

Waiting for Superman  Another documentary of teacher union abuse and poor schools.  Be sure to select the video presentation near the bottom of this website.

NOTE: A real “School Choice” policy could stop the flow of money to politically active, humanistic and socialistic favoring teachers’ union.  Private schools have no unions.   For most private schools, two students can be educated at the cost of one public school student.  Isn’t it time to replace our expensive Soviet system of public “education” with real freedom of school choice? 

Additional Resources:

Prager University ( – 5 minute Professional & Power Hitting on Multiple Issues!!!

Go to and then click on their video links.

The Political Animal – Debunking the myths that keep Christians from becoming more like Christ – and changing the world – through political involvement.  Go to: to get this DVD
Dear Christian,  Is Christ the Lord of all your life,  including your political life?   Now “The Political Animal” points to Summit’s student curriculum.

Obama’s Education Takeover

The “Progressive” (Socialists’) National Power Grab for education at taxpayers’ expense

Agenda – Grinding America Down –  This documentary explains how and why American culture has so radically and quickly changed and who are the forces of influence. Agenda also projects America’s future with clear evidence unless the Church gets involved. Ted Baehr of Movieguide says, “AGENDA is absolutely brilliant” 

Bob’s Bowdon’s video links are also OUTSTANDING!!!