A Millstone Necktie & Swimsuit Combo

Dear Mrs. Parshall,

I caught a little of your program involving the “Rising Tide of Hostility” against Christianity and Christians on Friday while driving home from work. While this is troubling enough, the response from one Christian, that called your program, makes the situation worse because it expresses the typical evangelical response and explains not only why we are losing influence in our culture and political systems, but why we struggle with Christian evangelism without results. His supposedly comforting thesis… “God’s in control.”   The anti-Christian hostilities should drive us to our knees. It did the early Church. However, the “God’s in control” response says that whatever will be, will be, so why should we pray for God’s will to be on Earth as it is in Heaven? Too many mistakenly think, despite how bad it is, that God’s will is being implemented anyway. We don’t say anything like this when it comes to our career or business building, financial or vacation planning. We give this our full attention and dedication despite any resistance or sacrifice it may involve. Why don’t we say, “God’s in control” for these life-issues as well and let God do all our responsibilities to make these happen for us too?

Anti-Christian hostility is simply the reaping what we have sowed – specifically and primarily because of a godless public education policy most Christians have ignored. When are we going to see our own sins here? Like many of our “Christian” forefathers that had no sensitivities against the once public policy of slavery, we fail to have the passion of Christ against anyone that causes a child to reject him. (Jesus said to give him a millstone necktie along with his swimsuit. (Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2) Do we realize that Jesus’ passionate advice ends with the same results as that of a firing squid – death? So what would the modern translation be for us today? Would Jesus really invite the NEA to a special swimming party or recommend they be shot?  The real questions are: How much do we want to be like Christ again? And do we really share His passion of evil influence on children?) Unfortunately, our schools are evangelizing children in humanism by the classrooms while we focus on “one heart at a time,” but in reality pursue our own careers and personal responsibilities.  If Christians everywhere would become as passionate for school choice as most humanists are against it, we could see a rebirth of traditional belief in this country.   Real school choice means that all parents could send their child to any school – public or private.

If the scientific evidence of Intelligent Design convinced the famous British atheist Antony Flew to believe in God, it will cause children as well. The humanists know this. Many evangelicals don’t and are as ignorant about the spirituality of school choice as many of our forefathers where on the spirituality surrounding the public policy of slavery.  (See “Menstealers in 1 Timothy 1:10 KFV)  Without this the secularist, atheist, and agnostic will continue to impose their religion on the children in this country without any choice. Consequently, we are seeing exactly what Abraham Lincoln said would happen… The philosophy in the classroom in one generation will become the philosophy in Government in the next. Why shouldn’t we reap the evil results if we don’t have the passion of Christ?

And Whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone where hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea. Jesus the Christ in Mark 9:42

Without a proper view of God, and His passion we cannot even begin to solve our social, political, and economical problems and things will get worse. Before we can repent (2 Chronicles 7:14), we need to know that it is our fault first. Until we repent our evangelism will never be as effective as it could.

Please help spread the word about… www.ourfault.org.

Thank you, and God Bless your program – In the Market with Janet Parshall!

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