Jearell Kelley accepted Christ in the second grade, but could have been converted to atheism while in the sixth.  That near secular conversion experience was related to the actions of public schools and the apathy of churches he attended.  That was forty-six years ago and his Christian parents never knew.  He is the founder of Our Fault and author of Sacred Rebellion Evangelicals’ corrupting influence in Spirituality – Society –  Culture  –  Politics    –  Economics. 

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Sacred Rebellion offers multiple options to oppose the secular darkness as well as a unifying public policy plan that could promote significant evangelism. (When children cry to escape $300,000 classrooms for cheaper charter schools, the Church has a new opportunity for evangelism via school choice to private schools!)  This is a rare reference with advice from multiple resources in various formats (digital, video, audio, text) that can help Christians be salt and light on the root cause of social decadence.  It will immediately save countless hours of researching popular evangelical voices on the significant primary issue of our time and show how evangelicals could be more effective.  Assign the various resources to different leaders and watch your group come alive with Christ’s passion.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.   
                  Jesus the Christ – Matthew 18:6 (KJV)

The primary and secondary audience of Sacred Rebellion.

The primary audience is evangelicals that are already concerned with our social problems and would like to motivate other evangelicals but do not know how.  Sacred Rebellion uniquely shows how to engage others and clearly explains why they should be involved. 

The secondary audience is evangelicals that are troubled with our social problems, but have accepted them as something to be expected in these “last days.” Sacred Rebellion shows how these evangelicals ignorantly promote godlessness in our society.

Sacred Rebellion targets evangelicals by answering their specific questions and by challenging their popular sound–bite theologies.  Examples include:

  • Why is the secular religious camp–humanism growing? 
  • Why are we losing many of our youth to godlessness?
  • Can public policy contribute to godlessness?   Can it contribute to righteousness?
  • How does godlessness affect our social, political, and economical demise?
  • Do we really need to seek God concerning our public policy if God is in control? 
  • Can we really expect anything better in these last days?
  • What responsibilities does our gracious God require of us? 
  • Is apologetics a viable spiritual and Biblical necessity for evangelism?
  • How spiritually effective is Christian apologetics?